#6 Saturday


Is it now,
Should it be?
Is this the way,
The way to the emptiest of
The beginning of escape.
I am tormented by You,
By all I could do?
I did delete that app
The one with the dreams,
And the getaway.
It seemed covered
In love, and something
But I can’t rhyme,
Not today.
It is something to hate.
How you lie so easily.
How I spend all my money
On you.
On the thirst that comes
From finding you.
I went to worship,
This orange place
Had some space,
All was fair with
No kind of war.
Will I stay?
Or would I
Walk away?
Still on for the
And the taking
That comes from
I am lost, now.
Lost in my own sense
Of dream.
Do I need more?
Or do I need the
I wonder,
I wonder the fountain.
Will I drink, too?
Or will I be the same
Kind of man,
The same as You.

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