#7 Approval

4.10.18- 60 days continues..
Digging for some approval,
For some arrival.
Can you just sit here with me?
Can you just be better than now,
Or just the same somehow.
I know I had to know,
Or maybe I never did.
I am sorry I let you down,
But I am not hanging on anymore.
I see the people walk around me,
Never not so sure are they.
Never not so sure will they be.
Seeking the approval aren’t they?
We had the beach,
We had the reach,
You had the teach,
You had the breach.
Now we and you aren’t
In the same,
The same as always,
The same as never can be.
I need Your approval,
If you could show me.
I need You here with me,
I need something different
Then I used to get,
Cause you were never
To good at paying rent.
I need the arrival,
From this approval soon
To be,
I need this now,
More than ever before.

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