Day #8 : Making Up for It

Day #8 of #60daysofpoetry. 4.17.18 Tuesday.

I am making up for it,
I am on the run for it.
I am feeling the it,
Running me in and through this.
I am waiting for you to call,
I am waiting for next fall,
Maybe it will happen then.
I am running backwards,
And I am running forwards.
I was searching,
I was looking,
I was running,
Find me here,
Making up for lost time.
Making up for the regret
It took to get us here.
I was never sure how
To take this,
If I should lie before I
Tell You the truth.
If you should show me,
If you should show me,
Is love your best kind of proof?
Are you the mystery, now?
Are You the mystery of the fountain?
Is it ready?
Or is it empty?
Cause I am drying up,
I am dying up,
I am on the looking up,
Not asking for the hook- up,
Asking for the grow up.
I’ve lost it,
Now I am asking for it,
I am making up for the lost time,
All the lost time that was not spent
With You.

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