Day #9 Should I?

Should I stay with this,

Cause it never seems to have an ending.

All that was and is shall be neverending,

And eternal, and lasting really long in the


Are you transition?

And the change?

Are you here on this journey to?

Are you the one that is making all the clues,

Cause nothing ever seems to come back to You.

I have been looking for hunger,

And it looks like water,

And it looks like sugar,

And it looks like this late night is not


It looks like a new bed,

A new frame,

A new kind of name,

Well, is it needed?

Or are you never at rest

Wherever you are,

And wherever you want to be?

Should you start over?

Start over on hunger,

Yes, maybe,

Or, no, not now,

And not never.

Life has made a way,

Has gathered at night,

Has watched the stars set,

And is waiting for the right.

Should you stay,

Should I?

I think I will.


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