Day #12: Dreams

I am on the high,
I am the why.
I am walking on the wire.
I am searching for the hire,
I am feeling the favor.
I am going backwards,
Just for a minute,
Just for some regret,
Just in some kind of
Rewind time.
I am on the high,
Was leaving your place
On fire,
Don’t want to be leaving
Here a liar,
Had to swear,
Had to hold it,
Had to clamp down on it.
Had to get you while you
Were down,
Had to make some magic
Happen, then again,
Then the sweat,
Then the dreams,
Then the sound of
All that passes when
You get to leaving.
I was feasting
I was leasing,
I was reasoning,
I had a lot of You,
Now, did I?
Had to start the flame,
Had to remember your
Cause you pretty people,
Are all looking the same.
Had to hold onto it,
Just for a little while longer
Just because you asked me to.
But don’t miss this,
Don’t miss this, life,
Don’t be walking away
From me, now,
You got just 12 days in,
And you want out?
These dreams aren’t
Fading anytime soon.

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