Days between Days

Take me back to the night we met. If you are anyone you would know that time we had spent. All of it. All of it wired with regret.

Time had to pass. So what kind of summer is this? Is this the one you want. Is this the last of the days you have seen?

Are your questions answers raised? Or did the raised man answer them?

Take me forward. Take me future. Take all those in between days away. I have to much history with asking about history. Where was it when we needed it? Or, are, we now the same as we have always been.

I learned something watching you, and that is that art will not be contained or controlled. It will be sustained and maintained.

Why can’t I spend some time better..with it with you better. Are you made for this job? For this weather, or for this war?

Take me back or don’t take me at all.

I had a Thursday spent..a month ago..with was so, so..It was Tierra Mia. It was later until the see ya.

Time didn’t pass. We were not the ones to cross that line again. I just returned from Oregon in the spring and I was wondering when you were gonna make me try to sing. Everyone has a little part saved for times like these.

I have letters of days, and letters of nights..and now where are we with all of this behind us.

Take me back to the night we met..I feel that song singing for me, and me..what about me and what about now?

Cause now is in between tomorrow and all you call that sorrow.

I am gonna die here left alone..but pain is home..been here before.

So, start a war..start it no more.

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