Somewhere Else

About page reference: Writing has always been the thing after everything else..

Everything else has been traveling, working, moving, laughing, living, happening..

For you..


You are only as valuable as you think you are. It is more fascinating to me when people speak truth without saying they believe in Jesus. They speak in language that is so similar to what we see in Scripture.

So, what about the real stuff? What do we do with that?

I lost you. I lost you a long time ago. Your mind is on a lot of things it doesn’t need to be on. You use the internet for the wrong reasons because something inside of you is broken and untrue, and not fixed..yet.

So, when new things come our way we don’t risk at all. We don’t risk and take any chances. If writing has been your dream then its the last thing you do. Your dream might suck but if you have something to go after then try. Try to fail. Fail at trying, but don’t do nothing.

Have you ever been frustrated over something like this:

…You don’t actually tell people what you think. You halfway speak your mind..or you attempt to not want to rock the people say yes to are way co-dependent( whatever that means)..

But you are somewhere else.

In the movie Aloha Bradley Cooper’s character yells in the woods:

” Its all a fantasy( I think he says it) one wants to live where they are at!”

Scripture says, ” A time to embrace.”

Can I share something with you?

I asked first.

Do you want to embrace today, or are you so sick of what you have that nothing is ever good enough, so today can never be something that you enjoy?

I was on a rough trip in that picture above.

I made it.


Live where you are at.

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