Day #17 Green Street

July 13th

I have an imagined time of talking to you.
And I spend it imagining things.
It will all be one long walk up the stairs and
Into this place,
And if light is clear,
It is never alive at night.
But when I see it,
I want the night.
Better to hide and side
To side with the times I
Can’t let it glide.
I wanted memories and I
Wanted them my own way.

You wanted to fade just the same,

But it was never sane,

Or plain,

If I skip a line,

It won’t be what you expect.

If I write the same things as I did before,

Its because I can’t get over wanting more.

Hunger was an invest,

Hunger was a digest.

I thought you had something a little better for me,

But eating has never felt so empty.

Green behind the ears,

Or clouded with fears,

Food not so discreet,

I left that on Green street,

But the drive left it over,

Left it game over.


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