Day #18- Winter

Asked for more,
And I panted and crawled inside
This poverty,
Sent the clothes to laundry,
But wanted the riches to never
Wash them again.

I go and buy those things that
And your pain is a hover,
Your weather is thunder
With no rain,
You like the shake,
You like the sting,
You like the things you

If I am here,
Its Your earthquake.
The line,
The faults,
The hide,
The vaults,
I have secrets for You,
I have wisdom for You,
I have everything,
And that is all You.

I don’t want the same Friday as before,
When winter was no more,
Bed couldn’t fit anyway,
Had a meltdown trying to
Find this town,
Lost for me is an everyday thing,
Nothing rings,
No phone sings,
No pain like this has ever

Where are you now?
Here in the close shadows you
Call day..
Here in the now you call getaway.

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