Day #22 -Pasadena

July 21st

It was a sleep in,

A all night inn.

A home you call to stay in.

If I woke up this way it wasn’t because of


If it was anything but a promise,

It was that you make all things new.

Thirsted for the real thing,

Remembered the journey,

You caved me in,

Sunk those ships of comfort,

Started all night,

Started with a fright,

Scared me into the Kingdom,

Left that sorrow behind,

Was to afraid to be kind,

And loving,

That had to come to cost

All but nothing.

I can’t help but wonder,

Where did this hunger come


Are you the one I am drinking

In, eating in,

Or is there more to this Body than

I could have ever wanted?

Sat for the noise,

And lifted the poise,

I too sit here just like you,

But fear,

That hasn’t done anything.

Are you judge,

Are you wrath?

Are you Hell?

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