Journals: October 14, 2017

Have you ever read stuff in your journals you thought you would never read again? Or, you just forgot you actually said it. In hindsight it is actually better now because anytime you review anything you can say, ” I think I have a better strategy for dealing with that issue that I was writing about.

I had a list in my notebook( thinking out loud on an airplane)

  • I need to be at zero and save money
  • Even with all these weddings happening I will be alright though.
  • It is already getting better
  • I have creative dreams
  • I need a computer now( true story I got on a week later)
  • I want it now..
  • I am in pain
  • A cycle has existed that says, ” Well, if I would just practice self- control.”

Tell yourself..

How and why do I even write like sounds like I am always worrying about the same 3 things: Money, the future, trying to be better.

At least I am writing about trying to do better.

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