Day #29 – Fight me Close

Summer all along- June to August 2018

Reflections of getting close to You,

Drawing near,

And standing in Awe,

In awe of all that you do.

I am shaking my feet,

I am rattling for the reef,

Surfed it once in 07′

Didn’t know how to get back up again.

Didn’t know I would end up in this place again.

But close is better than far,

And left with a scar,

Is the sign you need,

To tell you I can bleed,

Cause all I want is the succeed,

And the succession that comes from

Diving in, and flying high,

And getting as high as I can for you.

Fight me far,

Fight me close,

But not standing here at all

Is not the way I am going to be.


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