Day #30- Was Year 30

Was a flash back,

To the hatchback,

Lost it on the tracks,

In a long space before you came to

This place with me.

I was in a swirl across the world,

Looking for a hair twirl,

She said, “You think with your hair,

Don’t you?” I said the same would be

True of you, but you are much to pretty

Now for that kind of clue.

Water, deep, darkened, damp,

Wet, solid air, Seattle fare,

Wind, in the hair,

November, fare.

30 is now, it was,

And is fading fast.

At last, I am the days I got now,

But that was the last of the talks,

And the last of the things I thought

To offer to you.

Love, mercy, pain, Sorrow,

How many years past did I

Put love on borrow?

I got it now,

Fare, price, fair

Price to never be paid.

I was never enough,

And that was a good 30 to


I am just now, a man,

A little bit more than I was


Fair, wind, blowing.

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