Day #35- Pressure and Burden

Lift me up or tear me down,
Follow that is shallow,
A swallow, that the death
That was running here,
Running around.
Tears were shed,
Before you were dead.
You faded before you lived.
Lost in that lake view,
Carried a circle with night fights in it,
Watched you walk,
Watched it run,
Watched that hockey night in
One final fight!
That’s all I have known.
That’s all we had done.
Now it is done,
And finished,
And the beginning of future
That happened with the rearview.
I am lost in what is not?
Good enough?
Better for you?
Good enough to marry you.
Hope it wouldn’t be true,
I like it better in the center,
In the run around,
With drinks out of town,
With lies all around.
Fade, please, fade like
Death, cause that is better
Than the pressure,
And the burden.

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