Day #51 – So is Texas

Aug. 22nd

Drifting from the last part,

The last start,

Falsified at best,

Abstract to say the least,

You were wondering if this was about you?

If everything I ever tried had to do with you,

But you are all the same, aren’t you?

You aren’t all the plain, I told you,

Now I gather, and so do you,

Now I wonder and so do you,

Now I back myself into a corner,

And I can’t excuse it anymore.

This big state was a fly in,

Been in before,

Trains around,

Trains in town,

Baggage is all you ever came

To claim,

This adventure has wheels,

Has a plane,

Has a plain sign in the middle of it all,

I wasn’t meant to be here,

Meant for it,

Meant for this,

But you wonder the same reason I do,

Are we troubled by that which isn’t the


Or is your reason a leave,

A departure,

A ready for it all to take my


It is hot, and burning up,

And so is Texas.


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