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Newsroom, Season 3 is on..( random notes I am writing)

Sucking on lemonheads..
Sleeping medicine plus some more* all apart of a regular routine of bi-polar.
Stating that these notes are just for memory.
A long ass day..
I fill it in between with things I am ashamed of..
But when I stop f**king around I like the things I think of..
How is Aaron Sorkin living his life these days?* Newsroom Season 3 is on
Cause I don’t have to think about his politics I just like the intertwining of conflicts he presents in characters and the system..it is almost as if no one is smarter than Will McAvoy..
When Sloan says, “eventually is a wonderful time of day”
I am reading two books while trying to watch Newsroom and stopping to blog about what I am trying to do. I am reading this book called, “Detour!!” about a girls bi-polar life.. I say to Lizzie that so far Chace Metcalf sounds like a total tool and if this was my book I would be writing about a girl named Chace.
Get this book HERE.
The second book has been on the stack of books that are MOTIVATION for THE LOUDER NOW PODCAST that I have been working on…
Paul Tournier and his book The Person Reborn. This book so far captures what the Louder Now Podcast has been tackling the last few episodes..which also adds to a long conversation I have been having for a lifetime and in the last 12 years..and well, right now.
Great quote so far: “I can do nothing more for you, you need a religion!”- Page 11
Life could look like this blog post and usually it does..
Hold nothing back. Your life looks like reading more than one book at a time with more than one show at a time with other things spinning as well.
????????????????????????????????????????……………………..//////////////////////////////////// The End//


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