Many Days

Many days ago I was pacing those halls,

Those white walls,

They fed me a little bit of everything

But I left riding on empty,

You provided the ride,

You paid the gas,

But I couldn’t last.

There is a subtle sadness to everything

I am doing these days,

There is a lot of you everywhere I go,

All those miles I put on for you,

That daily commute.

You were like a drug,

Among the many I was already taking.

Many days ago I was making friends that

Could never last forever,

We would only be back here in a matter of time.

Stuck in the climb,

Stuck in the mind,

It was just a few cigarettes and my mind was


I felt the subtle effects of mercy

But it wasn’t over,

Not even close, yet.

Many days and I still feel the same,

I text you still and ask for some will.

I can’t control the things raging in me,

Was it love or was it just lust?

This body only thinks of your body

And now we are back here,

Back at this hospital,

White walls and empty,

White walls and hefty on

The drugs they call safety.

Many days have passed and most of them

Are no good,

Most of them are like a curse,

And all I do is stand under it,

Is this the life we thought of as


Was your heart breaking to,

Or did you move on faster, to.

Many days and I am still writing about


Many days and I am still here,


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