New Memories, Old Tragedies

In light of May being mental health awareness month I got some new poetic reflections for you. Memories of the past. I carry them always.

It was the 11:59 on the Thursday,

It was the gorilla suit that you had me wear,

It was the time of our lives, it was you and your

Friends, I was to young to know better.

It was the 12:00 am on the Friday

You crossed over into another day

You were the one that was in view

You were the one that was new

All I wanted was to stay in the

Forever with you.

It was the 3am like most nights

We paced and prayed and spoke

Like we were still in Eden,

This wasn’t pleasure or paradise

I stayed up all night for you,

I walked around asking for your direction.

What was it about this city?

I am sorry I didn’t know any better,

Everyone moved away, everyone I know

Got older

It was the 4am where I spiraled down,

When I wanted out of this town,

You were embarrassed and so was I,

Was I to afraid to succeed,

Was fear the only thing to cling to,

Cause I went home,

Cause I was alone,

Cause dad should’ve left a long

Time ago

It was the 6am that ended all the shifts,

And it was a time to remember,

All I could remember was the anxiety,

It weighed on me heavy,

I wanted out and never to return again,

But I did and we all suffered,

I lost it and you moved away,

The east coast I did not belong,

Why was I waiting for new friends,

I had none anyway.

It was the 8am hour,

And I was still awake,

Light slipping through the windows

Are you the one to worship?

Are you the one to follow?

Are you the one I built my life around?

It is here. I suffer. I still bleed those

Memories. I still think.

I still sink,

And, am, in need of You.

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