Is this the way I wanted it to go down,

You crying on the ground,

Are you still ruling this town.

Is this the part where I thirst a little

Bit more, ask you for more pictures,

Sketch your body on the pavement,

Offer my body as payment,

Call the cops at midnight,

Ask you to be my one phone call

Draw this out after all,

How many miles did I put on for you?

How many times did you ask me to stay?

I am not a better friend,

Or is it just lust again,

Like all I ever wanted was your body

Or is that just like everybody?

I was starved for something,

I was low on the chemicals,

I was lower than I ever had been

I was on the verge of slowly dying

I made my bed,

Wished you would have stayed in it,

I thirsted til late at night

Wished my brain was right

But it suffered with you

I killed you a little,

Sketched your body on

The pavement,

Asked for the payment,

2020 vision for the future

Held your hand til the last


Still was thirsty,

Still was empty

Still had something to


It was just how it went down,

You crying on the ground,

Far from wearing a crown in

Orange town,

This was the end

This won’t end

This is still something


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