Still Writing About You

I told myself I was going to stop writing about you,

All I wanted was for the see through,

All your clothes on the floor,

Your looks out the door,

The miles I drove,

The money I spent,

The month to month

Paying your rent,

You took up space,

You took up lace,

I tied my shoes more

Than twice,

I ran for you,

I ran towards you,

I told you to stay close in

The dark,

I would have slept over if you 

Had just asked for it.

I am older,

It is over,

Can’t take it back

But I still dream about you

I think of you in blue,

Scratch it black

I can’t go back,

Your past is over,

Why are you still on my 


Why am I still writing about


Let me go, will you,

Let me go slow,

Let me go, already.

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