Better Off

Was it really better,

Back there in the 

Sunny weather,

Was it really better

When you were just 

A phone call away,

Were you the one to

Call on, the one to 

Fall on,

Are you the future?

Cause I can’t get past 

Your past,

You are piled up in memories,

Piled up in tragedies,

Lost them like a lost 

Cowboy, can I reign you

In? Or are you starting 

Fires in the forest and 

Burning your way out

Of me,

Was it better in the rainy

Of weather,

Cause I used to drive all 


I was never alright,

Wanted your love,

Wanted your body,

Never got what I 

Wanted, was it really 

Better, then,

Or are you seen now?

I haven’t checked on 

Your name,

Googled your fame,

Found you on the 


I want it to be better,

Can’t stand this heat,

This hot weather without


I am not better off,

I am burning off,

Shredding it off,

Letting go during the 

Day but holding onto

You all night,

Tell me if you are 


Tell if you are reading 

These letters.

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