Cause I feel something when I write

Feel the things I feel in the night,

In the middle of, when its almost

Morning you aren’t here, and you 

Never really were.

I stored up all your pictures,

All those messages,

Got stripped down to 

Nothing, tried for something

Better, but this illness is eating 

Away at me, keeping me

In a drift,

Calling for a lyft,

Escaping you in the middle of

The night.

I just can’t help myself,

Your love is on the shelf,

I just wanted to connect 

With you and I know we

Had some history,

Love is a mystery and I haven’t

Had it for a long time.

I wanted with lust

I wandered in rust,

And collected that 

Dust, what about your

Picture? What about your

Future? Does your body

Even matter? Are we 

Meant to be together? 

I am caught in a drift,

And these thoughts slip,

Are you gonna undress 

This moment, am I just

Another addict,

Are you just gonna let this

Slide? I am here but I want 

To hide,

I am alone and this is all

I’ve known,

My body is not my own,

But what about my home?

I barely live there,

I barely care,

I am laid bare,

I am like a skeleton,

Are you sketching me in

The pavement,

Is this sin just another

Payment, or will this cost

Me everything? 

I am drifting,

I am barely asleep, 

Then, there you are,

On my mind,

And wasting my time.

This is a drift,

And this can’t be fixed.;

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