Sent some money to Africa,

But I am not African,

Shipped out these gifts,

Tried to make you uplift,

Bailed you out of jail,

Love never is a fail,

But am I really in love,

Or does sadness live 

Inside of me,

Used to show up in

The mess hall,

Used to walk the 


Used to give you 

Those pills,

But where are we now? 

Sent some money to you

For some pleasure,

For some mixed measure,

Walked away on a high,

Why was your face in the dark?

Why was this a lustful spark?

Sent some money to Africa,

Waited on a reward,

Worn out on the road we live 


What are you now?

Where are you now?

Is it better over there,

Then here?

Sending some love

To where you are,

Can money buy some

Less sad over here,

Are we still covered up,

Are we still wearing our 


Long before the virus,

We were all covered up,

Faking it,

And hiding it,

We just love ourselves,

Can your money fix that?

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