In The Middle Of

I am stopping in the middle of the day,

Writing about you, again, and feel it 

Within, are you the endless storage

Bin? Weakness has me in and you 

Are the one on my mind,

It started in the fall,

And this mind always gets 

A little lost when it gets dark,

And where’s the spark,

Why did you have to leave

So suddenly, 

Without a warning,

Early in the morning,

Now I am in the middle of 

Sorting it out,

And asking around,

Are you still quiet when

Everything is loud? 

I am bowing down in the middle of 

The day to something stirring inside of me,

Creeping up on me, is it something lovely?

Or is the fear I used to feel from you,

Is it all the time I had to spend around

You, why were you so unhappy,

Why were we the ones you had to 


I am crumbling in the middle of the 

Day cause life could be better,

And I still can’t call you back

Because those things are in the past

Life is better without you around,

And that is a loud sound,

Are you quiet with all this noise?

I lost all my poise because of 

The things you used to say,

Now I am stuck in the middle

Of the day,

Trying to get away,

Trying to forget you.

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