Up Late

I know I am up late

Trying to hesitate,

Have you moved on,

Or are you still long


What went wrong?

Cause I can try to guess,

I lost my mind,

I lost my time,

I put on the miles

For you,

I spent the extra

On you,

But I know i was 


I know I was down

And you could only 

Take so much,

Where was my sorrow,

It was never empty,

I was caught in a drift,

And it couldn’t be fixed

Is He the healer?
Was He in the picture?

Were you out of the frame,

You never said my name,

Was it just your body that 

I saw,

Was it just your body I 


I am up late,

Looking to other things,

Stacking up the wages,

They are close to death,

Are you purpose?

Or is there no 


I am alone over here,

And where are you? 

I am up late,

Putting sleep off,

Cause when I rest

I feel the sad,

It waits up for me,

Where is hope? 

Could have got in 


Could ask the 


I am feeling like I am 

On empty,

And I write to get your 


Where is my 


I say it to lean

On the light,

Late at night,

This is my


Up late because of 


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