Want the love,

Want the things you promise,

But is it really better with You,

You are king,

I try to sing,

But I rarely do these days,

I am lost in myself,

I am slipping downward,

I am not anything great,

I know I have some self 

Hate and should I even 

Say that to You,

Where are my friends,

Where are the ones that

Say they love me?

I have made a career

Out of yelling at you,

At making the world

Listen to me,

I have all the right ways

To record the things I think,

But this heart still


What is this sadness,

What is this fog

What is this small life I 

Am living?

What about dreams,

What about the future

What about together?

I want the love,

I want the song,

I want it long and


Are you the vision?

I am lost in myself,

Who really needs me

Who really cares,


I am louder than I used 

To be,

But quiet desperation

Replaces me,

Are you love,

Or is that a deconstruction,

Am I like the rest,

Is this a faith test,

Do I not like what I 

See when I am 


When I am at home,

I am looking for You,

For love,

For something better,

For something to 


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