Father/ Coffin

You left often 

Put the nail in the 


I was dead when you were 


Thirsty for water,

Waiting for father,

Why did you not know 

How to love me?

I used to want more,

I used to explore,

Now I’m not so sure,

Its Monday into Tuesday

And I feel your delay,

I am waiting, and always

Imagining a day when

It will be better.

This mind is full of wasted

Time and rewinds a little bit

Back to the past,

Remember when there was

Love and it was pure,

When I was sure,

When I would wait up

For you to come home,

Where are you now?

Has death come already,

Or are we still living.

You left often,

Put the nail in the coffin,

Wish I could go back in

Time and stop you from

Your exit,

Why did I try to die

Why did I never ask why,

Why did I survive?

3 days in the dark,

No angels to show me

The hell I deserved,

Where was mercy?

Where was the water,

The kind that only lives

Where was father,

Why was he never around?

Its Monday into Tuesday,

And each day that goes by

Has your memories here with


I am not free and no one

Can really see,

I am leaving often,

Death is gonna have

To wait.

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