Rolling my windows up 

It’s time to shup up and 

Suit up,

I feel your voice 


I feel your praise 


Am I just afraid,

Is this a charade,

I know I’m making mistakes 

And you are judging them,

When will I be free again?

What about youth,

What about way back when,

When I was free,

When I was young,

When I didn’t roll my 

Windows up,

Now I drift

I feel the shift,

Am I afraid when I leave 

Your side,

Or are you always this good?

I search and I strive,

But this heart is no longer 


I feel flat 

And scared of You,

Is this judgment,

What has happened to mercy?

Is this just the way it has always


Are you fire,

Is that where we begin?

Rolling my windows down,

Can’t take the begging

In this town,

The freeway is not so

Much free,

Is this the way I leave

You again,

You are love and that

Should be enough.

Let me feel the wind

Again, like the windows

Roll down,

And that love comes


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