Let’s start with something different

What she says about me I know

I got some clarity,

Cause you got beauty like I’ve

Never seen,

And the way you cover your face,

Makes me return to this place,

Are you this pretty all of the time?

You tell me to stop looking back,

As if I got nothing going for the


I have been in a drift,

And I feel the shift,

When will I start to listen,

When will I quiet this soul


When will you leave this town,

Cause I am still writing like

You never left,

Still asking like you are

Still around.

I only listen when beauty

Speaks but that is rarely,

Wear my best things for you,

Wear myself out around you,

Why are you still here?

Let’s get it different

I am not coming around here


Truth can’t be so easy to


I got cracks and seeds get

Swallowed whole,

Are we as real as you


Are we lost as much as you

Say you were?

Let’s start with something


Let’s start with love.

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