Talking To You

Can’t remember the last time I was 


Could you remind me,

I know I feel empty and 

You’re to blame,

You’re the same,

You’re a thousand miles away,

But you’re voice is still 

In my head,

Where is the living?

Where is the water

You offer,

Are you Everlasting as

A Father,

Could you remind me

Could we be kids again,

Could you be good again?

I know the spiral,

I know the hospital,

Can you drug me?

What does it cost for you to 

Know me, will you stay to 


Or did you make new plans?

August was always a new


Are you better far away,

Or are you still the same?

Is this a talk that you will tend to,

Can I trade in this brain?

I might die if I leave your side

I know how to hide

And will you bury me

When it’s really the time,

Cause all this anger is my doing

This mind needs renewing.

Your the curse we carry cause we 

Only get one chance to live

And I’m not ready to go,

I know I have to face You

And eternity is to long 

Without you,

Follow me here,

Live in this space,

Are you renting this head out,

Can you buy it now,

Is this love for purchase?

I mostly forget,

Defined by regret,

Can you start it up again?

This heart and this place,

One true Father,

Help me ask for help

The next time I ask 

For mercy.

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