Mercy Sirens

Mercy in sirens,

Covered in diamonds 

No more chances,.

Empty mansions,

Do you fall asleep early,

Or do you wait up for me?

I just want to go home,

Are you alone,

Or are you out there 


You changed oceans,

How are the waves?

Are we still tossed to and 

Fro, wheres your corruption?

Is this deconstruction?

I still have your picture,

What about the future?

Are you still drinking?

Pacing the halls,

Holding your brain hostage,

When are you gonna leave him,

Are you gonna run to me,

I only got enough love for me,

I’m in a drift,

I feel the shift,

I know your body,

But I can’t let go,

I’ll take it slow,

There’s mercy in the sirens,

I’m covered in diamonds,

No more chances,

Just lustful romances

And your pictures stay close,

Are you the rose,

Or is this just noise,

I’m in a drift,

This isn’t a dream 

I got endless chances 

And future romances,

Cause Your love is clean,

And washes these dreams,

There’s mercy in the sirens 

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