How much does it cost to keep your 

Pictures? Will you send video?

I’m still stuck, 

I want to see,

I fade like I can’t,

Cause I’m still beating,

Heart bleeding,

Your air in veins,

The drugs for my brain,

Do they work?

What’s my prescription?

Was it missing when we were 

Kids, cause my life is not like yours,

You are happy and secure,

I’m not so sure,

Can I keep the things you send to me?

Is your body worth it,

Can I stop this love,

Or are you still a killer?

I’m breathing in the shame,

I speak and the world judges,

Aren’t you just a flaming sword?

Do you ride the Heavens to help me,

Is your horse white in the night when 

All is never right,

Do your videos expire?

Are you for hire?

This purchase is fire and 

I’m consumed, 

There is sorrow for borrow 

No refunds for the sin

It’s wages is in,

Weakness the storage bin,

I’m lost in your pictures,

In the things you send me

I’ll never know the cost,

But I’m sure it’s everything.

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