Mercy Sirens, Pt. 2

Mercy in the sirens,

Blue and red,

Caught dead and

Empty handed,

All I have is a car full 

Of dreams,

This soul is twisted up,

Like dark and blue,

Are the cops always this

Busy? Do you still miss me,

Do you think about me

Its the middle of the day

And I am here to stay,

I’ve lost this battle,

Love and lust don’t

Sit well together,

I am open for you,

But you’ve closed

That weather,

You’re a storm on 

The inside,

I knocked on your door,

Wore a mask,

Kept you protected,

Your touch was


But you can’t

Receive love 

And who am I, then?

I spoke out loud and 

Made the confession,

I walk with shame,

And you know my name,

I am called what you see,

But no one really sees

I look and I don’t speak,

I’ve stored it all up,

Wrath or treasures?

Cause one day its gonna

Break and I won’t be able 

To hide,

But your name stays wide,

It reaches past me,

I am sorrow and you know


I confess and I say I want to 


Where is mercy? 

Can it come to me,

Or am I not ready?

Am I not the one you


Mercy in the sirens,

But still I speed and

Still I don’t change,

Covered in diamonds,

As if I can outshine You,

Are You love?

Or is that just what they 

All say?

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