Is there water here,

Letter now with a dear,

Your voice I cannot hear,

I scrape against cars,

I cannot sit still,

I need mercy behind the wheel,

I see cars tumbling down,

On top of each other,

Sirens scream in this town,

Where are you?

I’m in a circle of broken 


Who is my friend?

Do they comprehend?

Broken is only the beginning.

I’m thirsty not for water but 

For mercy,

I got your number saved,

I know we misbehave,

Your body is a memory, babe,

I can’t save you tonight,

Your lips are certain,

Eternal goes the curtain,

Are we in this forever,

Cause your flames are still burning,

This pain is a burden,

Is there water here,

Is it living?

I’m dead when I sleep,

I dream of escape,

Drifting when you see me,

Sitting in a circle,

Lying about my life,

Asking for help,

But who says hello,

Who lends a hand?

Where is the connection,

Is it not here?

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