I only see the time at midnight

,Are you up in the light?

Why can’t I say I love you

Is your goodness hidden,

Are we back in the garden?

Who is women but another

Body to follow, Your name I don’t

hallow, This love is shallow,

This soul is hollow.

I still see the clock

And we are running out of time,

No one says You are coming soon!

I’m busy making money, I’m still

thirsty, Injustice doesn’t move me,I still

have your pictures

And what about your future,

Are you on the clock

Does your heart tick?

We used to click, But you’re just a

memory, This heart is thirsty,

This body is about to fade,

I am just an outline on the pavement,

Probably gonna die in the streets,

I’m worried cause the clock has

been ticking, and have we wasted it,

Is my life on the sand? I don’t make plans,I

make decisions, Are you on the clock?

Don’t teach me about death,

Show me how to live.

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