Eyes Awake

Eyes are awake,

Heart is a break 

And You are in between 

Remember how fast it used to Be,

I am alone, You’re not with me.

I lie awake and I lie To You, 

Why did it take 3 hours

Of you sitting next to me.

I have sorrow but not for You,

for me.Are we independent, 

Or are we free? Are you bored,

Is that why you’re with me.

Eyes are awake,

Settle down lover 

Are you sure this is Kizmet,

Take me back to the night 

We met, It was swings and things 

Parks and places,

Midnight, alright,

I used to move better,

New weather, got me 


You’re a burden I carry,

Can I apologize, Blue skies

for new days 

Are you gonna remember my Eyes?

I have been burning forYou,

It’s pressed down and buried,

These streets are deathAnd where is the

departure, Is it soon,

Eyes will close but for now 

They lie awake.

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