It’s Saturday and are you lonely?

Are you home, is it alone?

Are we still at this again, the memories

Did they just happen,

I know I want love and it feels

Far away, the voice of my father it

Follows me,

I got the rental and I paid the price

To drive you around,

That summer was pleasure and

I miss the measure of a man I used to


I was better around you,

Where are you now?

Are you happy?

Do you see your soul when you look

My way?

Have I been replaced, is your body still

All I want, are you just another body

Follow, I wish I would have missed you

When you were around,

Now I’m lost a little without you,

I’m in cold dark rooms and this heart

Is still burning,

Will I always miss you or will

You disappear from this brain,

For now, it’s Saturday,

And you remain in my


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