You got the skin,

You looking slim,

Your body is inviting,

Lust is on the list

And I can’t check it off Just yet,

This mind is broken,

Self- love is at the bottom,

I know I’m always leaving

And always asking you to Be with me,

Where is happy,

I think I was a kid when I felt that,

Can we go back, Can we rewind the time?

When was innocence?

You should have stopped me,

Talked to me, Showed me how to live

, Now I’m walking the streets 


Hatng home,

Cause I am lonely,

Love doesnt pass through me,

Sin is at the door,

Lust on every corner,

Are you the coroner?

I’m dreamimg of bridges

And high places,

No one says You are coming soon!

Are all deceived? Isn’t hell already on the

earth? I’m not free

 And I see the flags,

I can’t surrender just yet,

Your body is to good To pass up,

When will I grow up and be a man?

You got the skin, It has me in,

Death isnt the sin

It’s closer than we think.

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