I feel your voice calling me,

Passing doors you walk through

Me, are you light?

Are you right?

Sold out seats to hear you speak,

Tragedy living under me,

Are you future?

Is this back like the beginning,

When we started,

Cause I’m confused daily,

Is this the kind of love that you want to

Give me?

I feel the hesitation,

I hear the invitation,

Am I silent,

Do I spend to much,

I got a hunch,

Can’t skip lunch,

Can I die for You?

Does it cost everything to follow

You, and yet I am stuck on you,

I can’t let go,

I gotta know,

Will I make it to tomorrow?

Cause high places call to me,

Bridges are higher for me,

Will you command angels,

Cover the angles,

Cause I’m hiding from the callings,

The invitations are here to stay,

What do you say?

The screen won’t cut it,

Need something different.

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