Saturday here,

Voice I fear,

When you gonna come back around,

You’re buried in the ground,

Nowhere to be found,

Death has a sound,

It’s louder now,

Louder than before.

When you gonna call again,

Cause I crumble when you

Leave, wondering how you sleep,

Do you have peace, or do you just

Close your eyes?

I’m awake and I feel the pain,

Everyone is gone,

They’ve all moved on,

The high places cant get any higher,

The bridges you soon desire,

I’ve been asking for separation,

Would you notice my declaration,

Or am I buried, again, just like you.

My eyes wander,

My heart is in the wonder,

Can you make it thunder?

These blue skies are just the same,

Waiting for you to call me,

Not ready to be a father,

I’m here for you, again,

And again you raise me up,

Saturdays with You

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