Trying to get this right,

Still think of you at night,

Choices leave me dead,

Your body not in this bed

Are you the same as the way

You were with me, or has time

Moved you along,

I know You are music,

But I have stopped singing,

A little less with the dreaming,

I am only stuck when all moves

Past me,

I tried to keep some distance,

But pleasure is less


I feel you deeply

And it messes with me,

Are you sad, or are you

Happy? I’ve lost touch with

My dreams,

I fall back to my own head,

I stay hidden when you want

Me in the open,

I can’t risk and lose again,

Yet I choose your skin,

Fall into you again,

And again,

I know you are noise and

Yet you stay silent,

I know You are colors yet

All is bleak and black and

When will things ever change? 

Trying to get You right,

I stay up with you all night,

Got you covered,

Got your body memorized,

But are you still lonely?

Is this lovely?

You still leave alone,

I am here and I don’t

Know this home,

I know You are Creator and I 

Bow at nothing,

I want change but without


Again, I ask what I always

Ask, how long will this pain


Or, are you saying something


I will call again,

And fall again,

And ask you to stay again,

Your body will never be 

Enough, but I will choose

It again.

When will you come and

Make me better, again?

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