Is this dusk or is this dawn?

Is this a stay or are you gone?

I am waking up next to nothing,

Love was always hoping and

Always was watching,

I used to have dreams,

I used to fall backwards 

For you,

I dream of high places now,

Is there a place I could go

Where you wouldn’t know?

I am up til dusk thinking about you,

Drinking coffee and you are always

Bothering me,

I see a way out of this mess,

I picture you in your dress,

The ones you used to wear 

For me,

Now you are home,

And nothing has changed.

I ask for Dawn,

Dreams spin and are you 

The one?

Did you call yourself everlasting,

Are you the one that knows

Me all to well?

I can’t sleep right,

I feel you at night,

I hide away and you

Stay the same,

You call and nothing

Does change,

I am fading into the 


Asking for mercy

In the dawn.

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