Writing About You, Still.

Don’t know what you mean,

When you stand in front of me,

Drove by your house,

Rode on the freeway,

Begged for something new

When I think of You,

Your memories stay like glue,

The faces you have made,

The things that have stayed,

Are you still the same,

Or has your hair changed?

I am not asking to forget,

Just for a rearrange

Of times past, yet are you

Present? Have you overstayed? 

Are you gonna meet up with me?

Same place as we used to be,

Riding ferris wheels in the middle of

The day,

Riding memories for a while,

But I knew it was never for certain

I pull back the curtain,

Are you center stage?

Are you still the same, 

Or have you changed?

Are you home,

And are you alone?

When I drink it down,

I think you are around,

When I drive this town,

When am I gonna get away?

When we drink we talk the same 

Things, are you losing weight,

I know I am not.

Is this the point where you are gone,

And never coming back.

Are we living here forever,

Are we stuck together like glue,

Its been all about you everyday

Since that sunny day,

You cried a little,

You stayed a long time,

Now, I am just wasting time

Thinking you aren’t done yet,

You got some grays,

You got some days,

Are we still drinking,

Blowing smoke in circles,

Asking for the ship not

To sink,

What do you think?

We should be better,

I should be over You,

Would that be better?

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