Gonna make it another day with you here,

Staying around cause we aren’t off the ground,

Testing this blood like a flood,

Got carried away,

Cause all I wanted was love,

Drawing it out, 

Making it spin,

New in town,

Now you gone,

Where’s my phone?

Are you alone?

Got the results back,

Got the past on my back,

Can you be a Father? 

Or are you farther? 

Where is that love they say 

You have? 

Where are you when I need


Talking in circles,

Letting you off cause

I am the one to blame,

I am trouble in this game,

And we are hurt more than

Your words,

I am stuck in my own


And will you come through

For me?

What about love,

When we got no money?

What about debt,

Can I make a dent?

Can I dress up with you


Or are you with your friends?

Got the results back and things

Are whack,

I’ve been there before,

That place they call safe,

Death is always close

And I am still here,

Making myself spin and

In circles we seem to be,

Am I close to freedom,

Or is that to far away?

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