Louder Now Episode #91 with Robert Manolson

This was such a special and unique episode. We have never had a podcast like this before. Jared and Robert talk mental health as men and also do something that has never been done before on Louder Now. Jared and Robert take 7 things you may have heard others say to you when you are suffering and struggling.  They go back and forth with discussion. Language is so important when we talk about mental illness and mental health. We can easily assume and say the wrong thing to those who are suffering. Having empathy when times are tough is really important.  

Here are 7 phrases/ sayings we discuss on this episode: 

1.Don’t tell someone to snap out of it..that is not possible…something like that. 

2.  Have you ever read any of the books written by ____________ ( author )? He/she has written great stuff about _____________ ( ie. mental health )

3.      I’m not sure if I can help you because I’ve never really experienced what you are going through.

4.      Have you ever tried Meditation?

5. Things could always be worse..by trying to compare it minimizes the struggle/ dehumanizes the person.

6. It is all in your head..This is first of all not accurate because depression and mental illness is also in the body..it affects everything. It can’t be this simple..

7. It is all a part of God’s plan..this could cover any faith or whatever your higher power is..trust in that is helpful but can be harmful. No one really knows God’s plan. How can we give a reason when we don’t fully know the reason for ourselves? 

Robert’s BIO: 

Robert Manolson, BA, CCDP (Certified Career Development Professional), Leading Fun At Work & Team Engagement Expert, & Mental Health Champion is the Creator & Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams. For 13 years now, Robert has traveled throughout Alberta facilitating the most amazing team development & team success workshop experiences.

His message is simple. “Business Leaders! Never, ever doubt the impact of fun at work, and building a culture of highly engaged and happy teams. This truly is the easiest and most cost effective strategy to raise positive mental health levels at your workplace.” 

If you want to reach out to Robert you can find him: www.facebook.com/powerfulplaywww.linkedIn.com/in/robertmanolsonwww.instagram.com/powerfulplayexperiences End of show notes:National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/Please call:

Suicide Lifeline at 1-800- 273-8255

or text the word “help” to 741-741


Also nami.org is a great resource.

Please email loudernow88@gmail.com for questions and comments and if you would like to be a guest on the show.

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