Bowing down in surrender,

Growing older in November,

Embracing Your October,

Does disease grow on you,

Does it wear you down?

Thorns made into crowns,

Is this a new town,

Or are you always around?

All I know is separation,

Your story on repetition,

Coming home,

Not your house anymore,

Your feet not on this floor,

Packed away all your things,

Let you go with the wind,

Anger has me in,

I needed you to be a 

Better man,

Can you try to understand?

Got the memory of you locked away,

Got it like its rotten, like it will never

Heal, are you the reason for 

The appeal, is this the reel that 

Plays in my mind,

You didn’t get better with time,

Oceans away but nothing has


I put on the miles for you,

Left the day in the light,

Stayed with you in the night,

Can’t remember what we said,

Your body was used instead

Now it stings when the phone 

Rings, did I choose wrong,

Or can I do the right thing?

Are you lost on me,

Does Your love save,

Or is this the end anyway?

Could you go back with me,

To the beginning,

We weren’t winning,

Your presence was a loss,

And we are still lost.

Am I back to rebellion,

Or can I come home,

Again, back to You,

Back to surrender.

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