Where is the trust

And where is the thrust

Do you see me when I close the door?

A rush you call more,

Your feet not on this floor,

We have walked away long enough,

Are you enough?

Is this an empty heart,

And do you fill all the things

We desire,

Are you gonna come,

Where we can be found,

I erased those videos,

Deleted those memories,

But You cannot forget 

Anything, and don’t You

Not want to forget these

Memories anyway? 

Where is my trust,

Is it in You,

Am I sure of all that You do,

Am I going to be sure when 

You call it favor,

Am I the child you never had,

Is this always about having a dad,

Can I find You as Father,

And call you living!

Where is my trust,

When things fade

Especially yesterday,

Are you called the Living one,

Is this the today you have won!

I carry this cross,

Even when its called

Mental, and sorrow is

Always a feeling,

But not a filling,

Is yesterday a never

Going back,

Are you the One that

Knows the future?

My trust is growing with 

The rust,

Cause fear has been 

Here much to long,

And what are You gonna

Call me to? Is there risk

In the things I ask,

Is it a disc that spins in 

Your head,

Will you call me into


Will it be further then 


Is this trust wearing thin?

I say Yes anyway!

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