Not really sure but are you frozen,

And can you still move?

I remember when we were 


Brave was a song sung,

Now things are gone,

And you haven’t changed,

Your voice is sure,

It hasn’t changed.

The living room was not

The same,

We had to rearrange

For to many days upon

Many days,

Waiting for the time change,

For things were already dark,

And darker did things change,

What do you remember?

Do you remember me?

I found some love in the things

You did, and the things I 

Never said,

When is death, is it soon?

And will You show up,

Show up the way we plan.

Will You come in love,

Or will you divide us,

Are your words good,

Are we like wood,

Will we burn forever

Without a thought of you?

Is this the start of the end,

Or are we here to ask 


Is there sorrow when you

Speak, or am I high above

All that you do,

Is this the part where we end

This now, cause I can’t go 

On with this feeling,

I must feel something,

Are these pills for real,

Cause they cancel out

The feels, and I am 

Passing through sorrow

Like it can’t be phased,

Where is love? 

And can it change me!

Loud music plays and we 

All dance through the night,

Your body is a wonder and

It passes by me,

If I had that kind of lust

I would truly be free,

Is that love,

Or is that a lie that lust

Could only fulfill?

Are you the man on fire,

And does your love spin

With wheels within wheels,

Will I look up and find You,

Or will I stay down,

Lost in this land of fame

And safety,

Am I the King you said I 

Would be, or am I poison,

Lost in tragic masculinity?

Is this about my dad,

Cause for him I got it bad,

And there is no going back!

Do I need a book for all to
Hear me, or will you come

And save me!

It is getting late and You are 

Still far from this place,

I can’t go back and find You


I am here to bend,

And to listen.

If we truly would know you

We would all be frozen,

For love is like heat,

It burns in me,

Sorrow stays to long,

But you cannot be moved,

Or controlled,

Love is a storm that

No one knows about,

And I cannot stay still,

Stay frozen,

Stay the chosen part

Of the stories you tell,

I bow down,

Still, and I choose to 

Live, for God only knows

How long it has been.

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