Tell me what kind of line to cross,

I know I have crossed them all.

Is there wonder with pain,

Or do you have the answer

For why everyday is the same?

Cause I can’t go back,

And that is where you live.

Passing your house on

The weekends and

The bookends we call

Memories together.

You still call when we don’t

Want you to,

We still yell when you are 

Not around.

The rocks crash up against

The waters you used to

Separate us,

I am fading daily into a time

When you never knew me.

I am crossing lines that you

Said I shouldn’t,

I am bowing down and 

There is a missing 

Ingredient to all of this.

I thought it was love,

But It was something else,

I thought it was romance,

But it was something

That could be taken away.

When I wake up,

It feels like sorrow is

There and I despair

Your voice I cannot


It is drowning out in

Noise and can I try 

New things,

Can I make something new with 

You, or is your love a costly 


I cannot let go,

Of the lines I have crossed,

And the things I did to You,

So what is next,

Is it future,

Or are we gonna stay

Where it can’t last,

Stay in the past.

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