Somewhere else

Your back against the door,

Your feet not on this floor,

Starving as a child,

Cursed with wanting


I thought love was wild,

But you showed up mild

And untamed,

You were reckless,

And now we are far gone,

Oceans have changed,

But your voice is the same,

This heart was never full,

These pills show me dull,

You were a raging bull,

Could we control you?

Were you love or were

You misery?

I lost some time,

Lost some mystery,

I’ve been falling down since

You called,

Since your voice is a delay,

I don’t call back right away,

Why should we stay together?

Is your blood thicker than water,

Are you the trusted Father,

Or is there living water to

Be found,

Somewhere else,

Some place far from you.

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